So today I received a last-minute business headshot request and happen to be available.   At first, the client was a bit hesitant to book due to pricing, but I managed to explain the process of image creation to justify the service. 

Now everyone nowadays can snap a pretty decent image with their cellphone. The thing to keep in mind about the cellphone is that its built-in lens is distorting.  Yes, there are attached magnetic lenses but still, it’s not the same a professional camera lens no matter how you slice it.  Also, keep in mind composition and lighting too.  There are more factors to take into account.  For example, if you are a correctional officer you don’t want a smiling happy go lucky expression and if you are straight out of college just starting at a law firm you want to look older, mature, and focused.  Depending on your business the psychological aspect is so critical to direct and capture.  

You see I don’t just know how to technically light and compose an image, I also take into account who you are and what you have to offer as an individual.   Your image should speak volumes to your audience of who you are, what you do, and so on. I take everything into account with my clients and deliver only the best image possible.  

I love challenges and am always looking for new ways to approach image creation on the go and with the latest technology. 

This client is a consultant so I suggested we go outside for an environmental shot both business (with tie) and one casual.   This way it appeared professional but not too corporate.   I find environmental composed images to add an element of truth and underline approachability.  There’s something about it much like lifestyle and freedom that rings subconsciously to the viewer to think to themselves ‘Yeah this guy looks friendly, mindful, and trustworthy to work with.’   

So with that said.  What are you waiting for?  When was the last time you updated your headshot? 

Cover image with the cat.  Well that is Taj the studio cat.  The client before leaving requested a snap shot with him.  🙂 


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