Some customers would rather see clothes without the distraction of a model. Our mannequin and flats work delivers just that – we take quality pictures of clothes and nothing but the clothes.

Perfect for eCommerce, print, social media and press, this approach is also efficient and cost-effective.

E-Commerce fashion apparel photography is one of the most powerful tools to ensure sales. Whether we realize it or not, our opinions are formed by the first image seen. Therefore, your online cover must be the most captivating image, and truly draw the viewer in.

E-commerce sites provide startup companies to thrive and at times compete with higher brands. Regardless if you are new to the scene or well established, it is important to be mindful not only to look good but to also incorporate our ideas to ensure our customers understand the message of the product. The photography must have an attractive aura to ensure that the first impression remains a lasting one.

Today apparels are commonly bought and sold online and having a good team of stylist, makeup artist, professional models, and high-end techniques, to ensure the best E-commerce fashion apparel photography.

Go ahead and get your fashion apparel photographed with the best techniques and get your attire sold. Be sure that the cover tells an impressive story so the best is marketed.

E-Commerce Fashion Apparel photography has become one of the most popular means to market fashion apparels online. It is necessary to market it in a way that instantly attracts its customers; hence it is essential that the best is wrapped with the help of high defined photographs. It is the art of advertising that brings you the best buyers and in the world of E-commerce, products advertised with well-clicked photographs land a healthy crowd.


It should be no surprise that clothing that gets boxed and shipped to us gets wrinkled. Sometimes VERY wrinkled. That’s why the first thing we do when we receive your items is hung and steam everything. We also remove lint, re-tie bows or do whatever else is needed to get each piece looking its best.


Styling clothing on a mannequin nicely requires experience, patience and a pinch of magic. While it would be hard to prove that we possess magic, we certainly have a tremendous amount of experience and patience. Once we’re finished styling, we photograph everything under very controlled conditions to ensure that the clothing is attractively lit and colors are as accurate as possible.


Once the images have been created, we edit them to remove the background and any flaws, wrinkles or other undesirable elements that appear in the photo. We also match each piece of clothing to the photos on our calibrated monitors to assure color accuracy. Finally, we name the photos to your specifications and post them in a client directory for your review.

  1. Confirm your budget, model, and shoot date.
  2. We can assist you in casting for models that fit your budget, and demographic.
  3. Model fees are billed extra.
  4. A hair and make up artist is on hand to dial in the look you desire.
  5. Ship us your garments along with a return shipping label.
  6. Access your images quickly via on-line private gallery
  7. Location photography is available for look books, and lifestyle branding images.
  8. Retouching – from simple blemish removal to background clippings to more involved image manipulations, our staff can handle the job
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