Having creative shooting days is so important to experiment with other methods of lighting approaches and to showcase some new ideas to inspire potential new and current clients. 

For this session, I wanted to test out my new lighting kit –  Profoto B10 Plus (two light set up) and my V-Flats provided by V-Flat World.  It is amazing how much I can accomplish with so little and yet so portable too.  Technology just fascinates me. 

For the first test, I bounced one B10 into a white V-flat and the other light with a large umbrella to light the background.  Each light was diagonal from one another.  Amazing perfect pure white background.  In the past, I would use 4 to 5 comet lights to create the same effect. 

The second look I used one light with a softbox and one V-flat black to the side to create a little shadow off the one side of her face.  And the Third look I used my Profoto A1 on camera and bounced it off a V-Flat White behind me as the main light and the two B10’s with gels side to side to create the double-colored silhouettes. 

The only thing missing from this session was makeup and hairstylist.  I like how natural and raw these shots are.  It’s real.  For a model portfolio you want to be like a blank canvas.  This way one can imagine where else they can take it.  If and when I work with Keti again I plan to do something more dramatic with makeup and hair. For now this was a great test session. 

Thank you Keit for sitting for me. 


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