Editorial Photography for “Franchise Times” was an assignment for a cover story article about two very successful entrepreneurs who made Philly famous for soft pretzels. Their rise to success from very humble beginnings is a very interesting saga, filled with twists and turns and ironies that would make for a good novel. They are a true American business story demonstrating that hard work to produce a quality product along with creative innovations is the path to franchise success. The Philadelphia Pretzel Factory has put Philly on the map for the best soft pretzels in the country.

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Franchise Times is a trade magazine that covers the franchise community, although its readers will tell you it’s a different kind of trade publication. The 10-times a year magazine publishes columns by experts, in-depth analysis, hard-hitting investigative pieces and numerous articles designed to help franchisors, multi-unit franchisees and vendors improve their businesses. But it also includes some fun pieces, including features and personality profiles on the people and companies that make up the numerous industries that use business-format franchising to grow their companies.

We  provided the visual content for the cover story on the two men who built the Philadelphia Pretzel Factory starting with barely a wad of dough. The article treats, with special interest, the CEO who started from nothing as a kid that liked making businesses grow. Don’t miss the article it; should be coming out soon.

Based in Minneapolis, the magazine was purchased from Crain Communications in Chicago in 1998. The first issue under the new ownership, Restaurant Finance Corporation, was published in 1999. The parent company has since changed its name to Franchise Times Corp.