Hand Model Portfolio for Newton

I like to write about each assignment I am given. I adore the challenges I face from each request to the next. Each day that passes I am faced with something that I must put my mind to and think within and out of the box. For this assignment I received a call for “hand modeling”. His hands are perfect.

As a commercial artist, it is my job to showcase clear shots that are beautifully composed. We started with portraits and showcasing of hands with clothing. Then we went to just the hands together holding the wrist, to hold fruit, and then shadow puppets. Now you really have me on this one. Stay tuned for the next sequel. John DeMelas is an expert of shadow hand puppets and I plan to have him direct Newton on a series of directed shots. I can’t wait!

Here is Newton’s biography. He is truly exceptional.

John L. Newton is a retired Police Sergeant with the University of Pennsylvania Police Department. He is a state certified instructor of DEFENSIVE TACTICS for police and other law enforcement agencies. He is also a certified ASP Baton instructor. He has also received training and certification in Critical Incident Management from the Pa. State Police and Ordinance Recognition and Bomb Scene Forensic Investigation from the F.B.I.

Mr. Newton received Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Cheyney University, also two Post-Baccalaureate certificates in Business from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Newton is the creator, writer and producer of “Martial Challenge” reality competition television series that exhibits the authentic training methods of martial systems and pits the practitioners against one another in various challenges.

John L. Newton is eighth (8th) degree black belt, Hachi Dan, senior Kyoshi grade and is sixth generation of Seito (Orthodox ) Goju-Ryu Karate Do. He has over forty (40) years experience training and teaching and is the Pennsylvania Representative for ICHIKAWA-HA GOJURYU KARATE – KOBODO SOTOKAI, Zen Beikoku GojuRyu Karate Do Sosuikai. He is the highest-ranking African American in Ichikawa, Sosui Sensei’s world organization.

Mr. Newton, Kyoshi was the coach of the American team contingent to the annual ALL JAPAN GOJURYU KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2005 and 2009, held in Sendai, Japan.

Mr. Newton is also a second level practitioner of the Japanese healing modality of Shiatsu. It is his believe that to be complete martial artist and a true exponent a practitioner must know how to heal a person as well as do harm.

Mr. Newton, in addition to his fledgling reality T.V. venture, has interests in doing voice overs for commercials and animation.

Who Knew defense hands could look so untouched and delicate. And with this brilliant mind its no wonder the shadow puppets play a roll to our imaginations and understanding.

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