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1. an artistic fusion of the new and the old, a combination of classic style manipulated by modern technology.

2. a creative mad scientist of electronic music that executes the first definition.


Established in 2002, from Latin digitus autem hircus, was originally the way of defining the combination of the two musical genres, Industrial and Rockabilly. It later on became a mantra and/or philosophy of an artist that took on the name.


With his love for all different types music, Joshua Pearson aka Digibilly, does not like being genre specific, in life or in music. All of his music is a compilation of eclectic diversity that stems from his upbringing and openness to be inspired by all things. He fears no art.

This is a quote that he follows in life…

A man who limits himself, limits his life. – Vincent Price

Yes, most of his creations are considered as “Drum & Bass” but he sees the style as a canvas that is just waiting to be painted a different color. Mixing in everything from Metal to Classical, every song has its own personality. Every creation is a process of experimentation. In a lot of senses, he let’s the song create itself.


Josh’s music training started at a very young age with his exposure to concert and recording equipment. He loved watching sound engineers do their thing and he watched with inquisition. Later on he became a sound and lighting technician for local concert and theater events. He learned and played the trumpet for 9 years, being taught by the ex-conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra. His loved for the trumpet fizzled out and started playing the guitar. He’s been playing now for over 20 years and since then he has been in 2 punk and 3 metal projects that never really were all that successful.

In 1998, Josh then started his experimentation in electronic music by using a standard Alesis HR-16 drum machine, a few effects pedals, and his guitar. 3 years later, he then was working his way into the digital realm of using software to create his music. This was the period when Digibilly was born, in 2002. This term “Digibilly”, is not just a stage name or screen name but it has become a mantra for all of Joshua Pearson’s creations.

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