Rehabilitation Facility at Liberty Management

The Rehabilitation facility at Liberty Management is one of Philadelphia’s most successful prison inmate rehabilitation programs. This is a growing business service in America to help reduce the burgeoning prison population.

At Liberty Management offenders who are ready for parole are given special training to help them fit back into the society once they are released. Many of them work jobs or are in job training programs while they are still serving time. They live at the rehab facility and commute back and forth to their jobs and/or their job training programs.

It was our job to portray the nature of the Liberty Management program with photography for the new web site. We chose to express a hopeful energy mixed with a certain level of pathos for a situation in which so many young men and women find themselves cut off from the rest of society.

These programs are privately owned and operated and they fill a highly needed function to prepare inmates, who have been behind bars for years, to rejoin society in a useful and responsible way. This tends to reduce the probability of them falling back into the patterns of behavior that got them into trouble in the first place.

Too often, offenders in the prison systems of America, wind up returning to prison after their release because they do not have any new coping mechanisms with which to deal with life on the outside. These new businesses have sprung up to deal with this situation. They are hired by city and suburban governments as private sector businesses to deal with reintegration of parole ready inmates through social training and job placement .

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