Scientific Discovery Promo Video with Motion Graphics

Dr. Thomas Tsakalakos, investor of the Flash Sintering Method “Non-Oxide Ceramics”.   He is an expert in the discovery of Nanomaterials with 40+ years of research experience. He is also a Distinguished Professor, Materials Science & Engineering
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

Each of us play a role in life.  The scientist,  the artist,  business investor, and so on.   This video was created to help deliver a clear message to the outside investor looking in.

Each of us learns in a different way.  Think back to the classroom how you absorb new information.  Are you a good listener who doesn’t need to write things down? ; perhaps you are more visual and need to write things down to retain the information.  This video displays a bit of both in order to accompany all the needs of the outside looking in.  This discovery is very powerful and cost effective.  We certainly don’t want the investors to miss out on this opportunity.

Filmed by ArtChick LLC @ Church Street Studios
Motion Graphics by Ken Bakhtin

Dr. Thomas Tsakalakos
Distinguished Professor
Materials Science & Engineering
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey


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