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Let’s face it most people these days shop online and it’s important for us to deliver quality images and videos for our customers.  People not only want to magnify close on a stitch of a garment, but they also want to see it in motion on a live model.

I am a bit old school frankly and I prefer to try on outfits in person, but that is not what the mass majority wants anymore.  They want to see it virtually,  have it delivered, try it on and if they don’t like it, send it back. So with that in mind, we need to cover all the bases so that our customers feel confident that they are ordering what they want and keep it!

I suggest the invisible mannequin because it allows the customers to see it within a form without the distraction of a model.  Having the video allows you to see how the garment moves on a live body.  Just the same as shoes from all angles.   You can also lay the images flat with accessories or hang it in a closet to show the lifestyle approach.  There are endless creative ways to approach e-commerce.

The concept of the video below is a collection of items I had in my closet for the wintertime.  This would work great for a look book for your latest collection for each season.  You can show how to accessories each item to create a different look and feel and provide a link with a break down for each item as well.  It’s a clever way to entice your audience to splurge on more items then one too.  Just think about your online shop when one buys one item they add suggestions below. Having a video like this one pulls off the same effect.

Anyways enjoy the video and by all means, contact me if you are interested to collaborate.  My team and I will help you with styling, concepts,  casting calls for models and so on.


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