Vintage Fashion Shoot BTS Video

Vintage Fashion Shoot BTS Video. Traditionally called Vintage clothing or some would say “Recycled wear” – call what you want. This session we focus on 1970’s style. Back in 2007 I traveled to Montreal and discovered a jean outfit from the 1970’s and I still love wearing it to this day. This item I frequently incorporate into my test shoots with models.  For this photo-shoot I wanted to expand on this outfit and include one more item.  The model, Nicole Bee (IG @nickybeeking) brought her vintage red leather jacket and I threw in my fury vest into the equation.  Honestly don’t know where that vest came from, but it worked brilliantly anyways.

Each week I video a new BTS (Behind The Scenes) photo session which mainly focuses on fashion, but don’t get to attached to that theme.  I may also throw in some other ideas for you like actor headshots or product photography.  However if you have a request let me know and I would be more than happy to cover the topic. It could be something like “What to bring to a photo-shoot?” or “How to get started into modeling?”.   The more your request the better content I can create that is direct and helpful.

Let’s get back into this session.  So for the background I used a light beige background and a beauty dish with no grid or sock,  photogenic light to bounce off a white v-flat and one more v-flat black to add some more contrast.  After the session was complete I had a change of mind in post.  I decided to make the background yellow.  Yellow is often subconsciously causes us to feel happy and uplifted. The beige was to subdued for my taste.  So there you have it yellow with a splash of blue and some red.  Blue is calming and red is passion and direct. Red could also provoke tensity such as danger or a warning.  Either way I love working with the opposites of the color palette.   Yet if I were to do this shoot all over again I wouldn’t use the beauty dish but rather soft-boxes or a big umbrella.

This coming Sunday I plan to cover beauty portraits but the following week I will demonstrate ether the soft-box or umbrella effects.  Till then make sure to watch the video below and to subscribe.


Vintage Fashion Shoot BTS
Vintage Fashion Shoot BTS