Sometimes I get a craving to break away from the safe corporate portrait and dive into the emotional state of mind.  Arielle was a great muse for me to work with.  She was always game to push the envelop and experiment with any concept.  For this series of images, we used the shower and vflats to bounce light to add and subtract elements.   To see more from this series check out the “Vulnerable” link to the left of this page within the gallery sections.

My personal feeling on this series:

We all face hardship in our lives.  For me crying it out in the shower always impacts that vulnerable feeling.  The water is healing as it washes away all the pain.  It could be losing your job or a lover.  It could be someone suffering from anxiety and depression. It could be sick and unable to recover from an illness.  It could be a myriad of things. Either way, I am sure we can all relate to this body of work.

I stumbled on some extras I left out of the gallery. There are so many good ones that part of me feels like releasing them all.

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