What is a Commercial Photographer?

When people as me what I do for a living and I tell them I am a commercial photographer, almost 90% of the time they ask me, “What is a Commercial Photographer?”  As a commercial photographer, I take  photographs of products or individuals, that will be used to sell a product or a service. Usually, I am employed by a brand or a company, to promote their product or services.

In this video I break down the types of jobs that fall into this category from corporate headshots to fashion catalog. Commercial photography covers a broad range of subject matter. Commercial photography keeps me motivated and interested. One day I could be photographing a team of lawyers for their website and another day a look book for back to school catalog.

Personally what I enjoy most about being a commercial photographer , is photographing fashion catalogs and staging products on set.  I especially enjoy the creative process of problem solving and working with other creative souls such as art directors, makeup artist, wardrobe stylist, and set designers.

Of course working with people one on one is always time well spent.  It is rewarding as an artist to be able to help someone feel confident about themselves.  We all have a twisted version of ourselves and strange little hang ups on our visual appearances.  Well that is if you are just an everyday person and not a professional fashion model. Also depending on the job you have the image should reflect your profession.  For instance say you are a correctional officer you don’t want an image of you smiling ear to ear, but rather serious and direct.

I didn’t mention this in the video, but I also photograph people for their dating profiles as well as their linkedIn profiles. It’s a bit of combination of lifestyle portraits that I like to refer to as “Business and Personal”.  It is a lot of fun to work with clients like this because I get to learn more about their interest and help tell their story.  In a lot of ways working with lifestyle portraits for dating is like working with a company trying to sell a product.  Let’s face it you are a brand yourself.  Seriously think about it. If you are a realtor you have to be on social media and have your own website.  And you know what that means; that means you need images to show off not only your properties but yourself as well. People want to do business with a real person, a person they can trust.

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