Why the name ArtChick and who is behind the brand?

Okay so why the name ArtChick and who is behind the brand?  Let us start with the hair and break it down from there.  Keep reading it will all make sense, trust me.

Everyone who meets me comments me on how much they love my hair and without this style it’s no longer “ArtChick”.  As an artist, I am a strong believer that your appearance at all times should represent who you are and the job you want.   How you maintain your hairstyle, nails,  face, skin, and of course clothing are all part of leaving a lasting impression.

This slanted hair style was inspired by a photograph my brother had taken back in 1993.  I remember visiting him in New Brunswick, where he rented out a room with his best friend from high school. My brother loved black and white photography and he would showcase his work in his room that he was proud of.  I remember seeing this haircut in one of his photographs of a friend of his.  She was very petite and beautiful and I just adored the vulnerable feeling and mystery this haircut conveyed.  So of course I had to do it too and have kept this haircut ever since.  This haircut has become part of my signature with the public.  I know this because whenever I decided to grow my hair out,  people would be upset and claim I was no longer the “ArtChick” they remember me by.  Crazy you would think it’s just hair but it is now part of my lasting impression.  They say first impression is everything so keep the slated hair, change its highlights and color from time to time but overall its here to stay.

But enough about the hair, I’m not a hairstylist, but boy do I appreciate a good one.I have a tendency to wear clothing that is a mixture of corporate meets street fashion or a fancy night out.  I also adore platform sneakers to provide me those extra inches that I will never see. When I was a young girl I wanted to be tall like a fashion model, but instead I’m 5’4″ and deep down like to pretend I’m walking the catwalk.  I always hold my posture when I am sitting down or walking down the street.  When I am behind the camera I think to myself yoga, modern dance, or ballet movements.  I like to direct my subjects to move and to hold a good posture, as it allows the viewer to admire their creative flow and confidence.

I always thought of photography as instantaneous gratification and painting was more of a challenge and a reward.  I have changed my tune about this theory since I founded the name “ArtChick” and opened my doors to the public as a professional photographer in 2005. I started out as a nightlife photographer for NJVenues.com and FiestaCaliente.com and it was there that I discovered how photography could be like painting.  I didn’t look at ordinary people as not worthy of a great portrait. I thought everyone as a walking work of art and the lighting was the flattering magic I could capture.

Axel from NJVenues.com, encouraged me to come up with a kitchy name for a message board. Every member of the website had a funny name and I had to think of one for me.  I scratched my head and had this flashback. I was walking down my high school hallway dressed in clothes covered in paint.  I turned my bedroom back then into a painting studio and would dream about being discovered as a famous painter whos work you would admire in a museum after my death. Someone hollered “Hey ArtChick” to me and kept walking.  I smiled and said silently to myself shrugging my shoulders “hmm ArtChick, clever. I like it.”  Who knew years later everyone and my mother now call me “ArtChick”.

Taking photographs for me is like painting. I painted murals for years.  To me a photography is a work of art and the way you craft the light and direct your subject is an art form that is rewarding.  I am always finding new methods to control and manipulate light to convey the emotion of vulnerability, real or unreal within my subjects.

Since I am my brand,  I realize people want to not only see me at work but they also want to see portraits of me, in order to get  to know who I am as a person.  I am an artist. I am a woman.  And I am always looking to express myself and to capture the world around me.  There are times I like to create something surreal as I am a dreamer who adores making people wonder and to feel inspired.

The featured image for this article was taken by yours truly within my photo studio here in Philadelphia.  I used one light – Profoto B10 and a light modifier called an optical snoot.  Its my favorite modifier on my set. This optical snoot allows you to project different patterns onto a background and/ or onto your subjects.  It’s a great light shaper that is endless of possibilities.

Want to know more about why the name ArtChick and who is behind the brand?;  Check me out in action on my YouTube channel.  I adore my creative days and often play music and film myself working on set. Let me know what you think or perhaps clue me in on what you would like to know more of or see more of. It helps me create better content to entertain and inspire you. Here’s the link. www.youtube.com/artchicktv

If you are in need photographs for your brand contact me

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